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NUOVO VIDEO: “Parachute” by Neck Deep

I Neck Deep hanno pubblicato un video per Parachute, dall’album The Peace And The Panic.

Ecco cosa dice il frontman Ben Barlow sul brano:

It’s a song about wanderlust, the desire to travel, see the world and change your life in a profound way. Something I felt very strongly growing up and still do now. There’s a love element to the song too, because if you can experience things with someone special that’s even better. 

We always pictured this song being a real festival banger, the kind of song you’d be bopping along to, arms round your mate, screaming the words and hoping the feeling never leaves. Or singing it to the lucky guy or girl you might’ve met that weekend in an attempt to express your true feelings. I hope people listen to this song and book a flight somewhere inspiring.