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Nuova Canzone: “Get By” by Real Friends

I Real Friends hanno pubblicato una nuova canzone intitolata Get By. Ascoltala qua sotto:

Bellissima sorpresa dato che l’ultimo disco dei Real Friends The Home Inside My Head è datato 2016. 

NUOVA CANZONE: “Hurt” by Trophy Eyes

Dopo troppo tempo senza fare niente, i Trophy Eyes hanno deciso di distruggerci i feels con una nuova canzone, Hurt. Ascoltala qua sotto:

Il frontman John Floreani dice del brano:

“It was truly the first time I could say how I really feel in a song. Being able to portray the emotion, no matter the cost, has been a luxury for me of late and has been nurtured since I wrote my first Trophy Eyes song – holding back less and less with every release. With that, the musical accompaniment came naturally as well, as an almost cheery feel to an otherwise tragic song. I believe that was because of the freedom I felt when writing it. In many cases, this is the song Trophy Eyes has always been trying to write, and with the experimentation of Chemical Miracle opening doors for us in songwriting, we were finally able to express ourselves naturally and honestly.”