NUOVA CANZONE: “Where the Mind Wants to Go” by I the Mighty

Gli I the Mighty hanno pubblicato una nuova canzone dal loro prossimo album Where the Mind Wants to Go / Where You Let It Go, in uscita il 20 ottobre per Equal Vision Records in America e per Rude Records in Europa.

“Going in to the writing process for this album, we knew we never wanted to make the same record twice and continue pushing ourselves to new boundaries. It’s different in the way that Connector was to Satori. That said, I think this song is a good example of the stylistic roots we’ve held onto over the years.” — Brent Walsh, frontman della band (da Alternative Press)

Il disco, quarto full length della band americana, è stato registrato in primavera e prodotto da Casey Bates e Kris Crummett tra Seattle e Portland.

“The concept of this song began with a ‘sick little day dream’ I had while driving along the California coast. It’s commonplace for my mind to wander about how fragile life is. Sometimes my subconscious slips into the realm of morbid curiosity, and I think about how it would take all but a slight move of my arm to send myself cascading into oblivion. There’s something about that thin red line between normalcy and mortality that has always seemed almost romantic to me. This song toys with the analogy of drifting off in thought and drifting off the road and was written at a time when I was beginning to see faults in my relationship as a splintering crack in my windshield. It’s a deeply personal song for me on the record, and its writing was a form of self therapy for me at the time.”

Ascolta qui sotto Where the Mind Wants to Go!

L’album è ancora disponibile in preorder sullo store europeo di Rude Records.


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