NUOVA CANZONE: “Modern Day Cain” by I Don’t Know How but They Found Me

Con i Panic! At the Disco temporaneamente fermi per permettere a Brendon Urie di partecipare al musical Kinky Boots, il bassista Dallon Weekes ha impiegato il proprio tempo dando il via a un side project assieme al batterista Ryan Seaman, recentemente uscito dai Falling in Reverse. Il gruppo ha un nome molto bello perché si chiama I Don’t Know How but They Found Me e a noi piacciono i nomi lunghi. Qui sotto il video della prima canzone, Modern Day Cain!

“While I was in the middle of making the record, I was up late one night and I fell into this weird YouTube vortex of these old cable access talent shows from like thirty-something years ago. It was so bizarre to see this parade of people–like each of them were so sure that this cable access show was their big shot and that they were going to be a star. I was fascinated by it. I immediately fell in love with it, and I wanted to be on this show so bad, but obviously that’s not really possible. The whole idea of IDK being an act from thirty something years ago, who was on this show, and got that chance–that’s where it started.

[The song] was inspired by a TV show on BBC called Broadchurch. Particularly the priest character, who is played by Arthur Darvill. I really got into that show. I still love it–I have a soft spot for BBC shows in general. When I was in the middle of writing this new idea I had, I was really inspired by that character and his part in the series.” — Dallon Weekes (da Ones to Watch)


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