16 Best songs to get in the mood for winter

When the weather outside it’s frightful and the fire’s so delightful, even though there’s no snow and you’re not yet dreaming of a white Christmas, prepare to roast your chestnuts: winter is coming.
So if you’re still watching horror movies and you’re whole life still tastes like pumpkin spice, switch it for peppermint and get in the mood for winter with these awesome songs!
16) “Amy I” – Jack’s Mannequin

Putting JM at number 16 it’s becoming a sort of tradition I guess.
The first line of the song goes like “Snow on the ground in Tennessee/ north came south at the top of the trees/ another long winter trying to fight this freeze/waiting but the cold got a hold on me”
what are we still talking about?
Let’s watch this freezy short film:

15) “Takeoffs and Landings” – The Ataris 

It’s always heartbreaking singing out loud that on this coldest of January nights I drive out past the runways and watch the planes go flying by…

14) “The Slowest Drink at the Saddest Bar on the Snowiest Day in the Greatest City – The Lawrence Arms 

A punk rock anthem  which is so desperate that makes you immediately feel better and would warm your bones like a cup of a armomatic black tea.

13) “Valley Winter Song” – Fountains Of  Wayne

If you like this song (or at least if you know it) you can be our friend.
Most underrated winter song ever.

12) “January” – As It Is

This is probably about playing on the beach during the cold season and it culminates in a ” Yeah, it’s freezing outside, but fuck it, we don’t mind” wich to us sounds amazing.

11) “For Winter” – Pentimento
 The only references to winter in this song are the title and the closing line ” Summer came and went, and winter set in quick”. But it’s the intro part that makes us think about freezing cold the most.

10) Losing Sleep – Valencia

So if you checked the weather report, then why the fuck are we driving north?

9) “Parkview” – The Swellers

Like the one right above, this one’s to make Sara cry (hey Sara!)
We miss The Swellers so much. Life is unfair.

8) “Snowbirds and Townies” – Further Seems Forever

Here’s the part where we begin getting nostalgic of the emo golden age

7) “Deciding” – Saves The Day

So long, now that winter comes the cold beats harder and no one is left alone,
I’m offering you me right now, take me I’m yours.

6) Whisper Something Fragile – The Cab

Maybe it is a little too christmassy but it’s so sweet we had to put it in our list.

5) Hoodie Weather – The Wonder Years

This one’s for those who always try to answer life’s biggest questions instead of writing gift lists or bake yummy gigerbreads.

4) Winter Passing – The Academy Is…

Oh my God, William Beckett looks extremely attractive in this video.
This is the main reason this song’s in our top 5.

3) “A Winter’s Tale” – AFI

Do you really need an explaination?

2) “In Like a Lion (Always Winter)” – Relient K

This is always very touching.

1) Chris Farren’s Disney Frozen

I was a snowman, you were the sun.
You were mean and hot, I was brainless and young.


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